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Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Dear Editor,

In response to Mike Hendricks' bashing of his president, he stated "So, to give those folks who read this column but feel disenfranchised because they find themselves in the minority, I want to present some numbers that suggest that majority thought in Nebraska does not necessarily translate into majority thought in America."

Then he went on to intellectually paste three paragraphs of statistics he had copied from the New York Times. I say to you, Mr Hendricks, that the majority thought in New York City certainly doesn't translate into majority thought in America, either.

I suppose readers are supposed to be impressed with all the negative response gathered in New York City but what would a person expect from a liberal newspaper in a liberal state with liberal news media and liberal pollsters?

I am stunned with your stats. While we're concentrating on stats be aware that 99 percent of the people use 3 percent of their brain 100 percent of the time and Mr Hendricks helps make that stat believable. And, to stoop to the level of desperation to have to attack the president on his intelligence level is just ... liberal.

I suggest you redirect your energy into something positive, Mr Hendricks, as no amount of complaining will change the fact that Mr Bush is your President.


Gary Benson


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