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Another test

Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Dear Editor,

A memorable McCook Junior College professor, Helen E. Storms (circa 1950s and maybe the '60s) comes to mind when columnists and others pontificate about the current political scenes. Miss Storms brought life to history and political science with vivid word pictures.

She commanded and generated respect for the individual, along with high expectations if in public office. For instance, she may have taken issue with a columnist who used SAT grade points to determine excellence.

In her old-fashioned way there would have been another national test for CS&MF (Common Sense and Moral Fiber).

Fewer smarties would pass. In conclusion, yes, those in public office are open to public criticism.

Yes, we can be thankful we are in a country with freedoms like  nowhere else. Freedom as Miss Storms saw it, included dignity of family, service and God. And, if it didn't happen, one mean glare from this woman was comparable to Desert Storm. (However, there is one current MCC professor who inherited this valuable trait the day she walked in the hallowed halls of Helen.)     

Don Harpst 


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