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Whose business?

Friday, July 2, 2004

Dear Editor,

I read the letter in the July 1st Open Forum titled "Do us a favor." Mr. Ryan expresses his disgust with "young, overweight females wearing short shirts to show their mid-sections."

I noted throughout the letter that the apparent focus of the problem was not upon their youth, nor upon their gender, nor upon the modern fashions which these clothes reflect, but mainly upon their being overweight. Tell us, Mr. Ryan, do you feel the same disgust when you see a slender young female wearing a short shirt to expose her mid-section?

Perhaps these girls already know how they look, Mr. Ryan, and haven't given much thought as to what you will think of them, as they do not dress to please you.

And perhaps such a girl might NOT be "uncomfortable with her weight," either.

Perhaps her comfort is her own responsibility and business, just as your comfort is your own responsibility and business, and not vice versa.

Furthermore, if I recall correctly, there are six muscles which control the position of each eye. I therefore suggest, if you feel that some young, overweight woman is FORCING you to stare at her in disgust, that you exercise those muscles, in the hope that one day they might be strong enough to deliver you from this particularly horrid (yet apparently self-inflicted) form of enslavement.

Owen J. McPhillips


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