Letter to the Editor

Much clearer view

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Dear Editor,

Your June 28 opinion page presented a much clearer and unbiased view of what is happening in Iraq in comparison to what we normally see and hear through all major media outlets. I appreciate the comments from both Mr. McPhillips and Mr. Walker. They seem very knowledgeable and I found their views to be very thought provoking. The factual information they supplied for your readers should make each of us feel more positive about the reasons we have American troops in Iraq, fighting the terrorist cells and attempting to bring freedom and democracy to the people of Iraq.

Connie Grafel


EDITOR'S NOTE -- McPhillips notes that, while he did serve in Panama, it was after the completion of Operation Just Cause, which was the U.S. military invasion which deposed Manuel Noriega in December 1989.

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