Letter to the Editor

Hanoi John?

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Dear Editor,

And the answer is:

Bob Thayer said, "We all know President Bush is a draft dodger!"

Bob, show us one official document that verifies this. If you can't, that makes you a liar.

The president is a liar? That makes Kerry, Kennedy, Daschle and a host of Democrats liars from 1997-2001. Before Congress, they said Saddam had WMD. Your phony statements are absurd!

The goal was to rid Iraq of Saddam. Mission accomplished!

Impeachment? I wonder, did you write such slanderous statements of Clinton? He was the best at lying. Standing on the White House lawn with his whole cabinet and saying, "I did not have sex with that woman," and Madeline Albright saying, "If he said so, I believe him."

In Kerry's speech at Seattle, which was printed in the May 27 issue of the Gazette, he said the president should have turned to diplomacy before turning to force against Iraq.

Where has this man been the last 12 years? Saddam violated every sanction the UN imposed on him!

Saddam knew very well the UN would do nothing because of the sweetheart deals he had with France, Germany, Russia and the UN officials.

Now, Kerry said he would update the military, which he has voted against every time! Freedom from the Middle East oil! No plan! What a phony! And, boy, he doesn't want anyone to challenge his war record! I'd guess it's because of his actions when he returned from Vietnam, calling his comrades rapists, baby killers, village burners, etc.

Hanoi John!

Ted Kastens,

Ludell, Kan.

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