Letter to the Editor

Lost mayor, friend

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Dear Editor,

On Friday, the village of Danbury lost our mayor and friend, Merle Berry.

He was responsible for so many good things that happened in our town. Because of him, the plans were made and carried out to convert our old bank building into the beautiful community hall we are all enjoying now. (He was so skillful at getting all of us to serve on committees and do our share, that we didn't know what was happening until we were consenting to serve!)

He was mainly responsible for starting the bingo night we hold once a month, when neighbors and friends get together and enjoy the fellowship and fun.

There were so many projects he took part in, it would take too long to list them all.

He always said he was living on borrowed time, as he had steel valves in his heart, and had lived that way for many years. But he didn't dwell on it -- he just said we should all be prepared to go as we never know when it will be our time, and he lived that way. He had a great sense of humor and laughed often. He was always there to help anyone who needed him.

So, to Ardie and all his family, we sent our sympathy and love. We know the pain you must be feeling, and to some degree, we all share that pain with you.

We have a feeling that at this moment, Merle is setting up committees in heaven, and giving St. Peter some new ideas!

We will all miss you, Merle.

Jim and Gwen Lee


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