What happened?

Tuesday, October 7, 2003

Whatever happened to the Loralee Byrd case? I read we were to have a decision in a couple of weeks, and that was three weeks ago. Are they hoping that we will forget it?

It is pretty hard to forget that she wrote checks for $300,000 months and months ago, and canceled a lot of them a month or so ago. She first said she wrote them to assure she had enough to cover the cost of child welfare payments, then she gave her workers some pretty hefty cash awards. All this when the state is in dire straits financially. What is the problem? I say, can her. We sure can't trust her now.

EDITOR'S NOTE -- State Auditor Kate Witek said Sept. 4 that Nebraska State Patrol investigators told her then that the probe could last another six weeks.

State Treasurer Byrd had requested that the investigation be expedited.