Letter to the Editor

Too many wing-dings

Monday, September 22, 2003

Two wing-dings

Dear Editor,

Too bad Hays Center and McCook can't have their wing-dings on different weekends.

Many of us who would enjoy Making the trek up to Hayes Center already have committed to Heritage Days.

Not that we would win any of those events, but there are more knife-throwers in McCook than one would first think. A good throwing knife that costs about $10 will last a life time. I bought mine 35 years ago (an altered 1917 bayonet).

Unlike a firearm that keeps draining cash with each shot, a blade is a one- time expense. Also unlike a firearm, one can throw quietly at pop cans all day long. and spinning a blade from hand to hand, and behind one's back is just a form of exercise for us trying to keep limber as old age sets in.

As for the best thrower I have ever seen? I went to a party one weekend while going to Voc Tech in North Platte back in '72.

A gentleman seeing me beat three other young men with ease, challenge me with a 20 dollar bill. I was never beaten so quickly before nor since throwing a blade. When I asked who are you? He said only two words "Navy Seal."

I hope many go up and support Hays Center's events as well as McCook's, but two in one weekend means splitting the crowd and the limited dollars in the area!

Bill Donze


Thanks from Iraq

EDITOR'S NOTE -- the following is a letter of thanks from Iraq sent to Char Budke:

Dear Mrs. Budke,

My name is Master Sgt. Todd Paice. I live in Lincoln when I'm not at war, and am in Jarod (Epp)'s unit.

I recently received a package from you through Sgt. Epp. I just wanted to thank you for all you do.

I have been in the Army for 22 years and have been on nine major deployments.

It is people like you who make soldiers proud to do what they have to do. The love, caring and thoughtfulness you have shown can not be repaid.

I shared many of the items you sent with other soldiers who also appreciated your efforts. I wish you could see the faces of the young men and women when they receive mail from someone like you. You would think it was Christmas back home.

Please extend my sincere thanks to all the people who are making this happen. Without you supporting us, life would be down right unbearable for many of the soldiers. Thank you again.

Thank you for everything.

Paice, Todd E


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