Fireworks funds

Friday, June 13, 2003

Dear Editor,

It's that time of year when the McCook Elks Lodge is finalizing plans for the Fourth of July tribute. This year's event will be an extraordinary one. Due to a generous gift from the former McCook volunteer Fire and Rescue, it will be a superb fireworks display.

Their donation was submitted with the stipulation that these dollars are "in addition to your normal show." And what a grand show it will be.

The purpose of this letter is to appeal to you for help in finding a solution to a minor challenge with which we are faced with every year. The challenge is funding the show.

Business owners in McCook and several service organizations continually help with the underwriting of this event and many other events in McCook by their relentless financial and in-kind contributions.

The McCook Elks Lodge is offering to everyone the opportunity to financially contribute to this grand celebration of our freedom, that our forefathers and foremothers so bravely fought.

The cost for underwriting this year's event is approximately $5,000. Naturally, the more contributions, the better the show will be for everyone.

With appropriate funding in place the McCook Elks Lodge can and will continue to provide the coordination, licensing, staffing and cleanup of the event.

Your generous contribution can be sent to: McCook Elks Lodge, P.O. Box 256, McCook NE 69001.

Keep in mind that McCook Elks Lodge is a 501(c)(3) (non profit) organization, so contributions are tax deductible. The Elks/Community Fireworks display will be held at the Red Willow County Fairgrounds, Friday night the Fourth of July, at sundown (O dark-thirty).


Daniel Stramel


McCook Elks Lodge

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