Fitting tribute to worthy group of volunteers

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Down through the years, the McCook Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad did a tremendous amount of good for this community and the surrounding region, helping to save lives and limit property damage with their devoted and courageous service.

Even now, as the squad passes out of existence, the volunteers continue to give back to the town and the area they served.

Because the 10 remaining volunteers do not want individual recognition, no one will say exactly how much money the organization has given away in recent months, but from the benefitting organizations we know that the squad's donations amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

The large amount of money came from a fund which the volunteers had been building to buy a new ambulance for over-the-road transport of patients. But, when the long-haul contract was awarded to Good Samaritan of Kearney, there was no need for the new ambulance, and, subsequently, the volunteers decided to disband.

In the time which has followed that decision, the remaining members of the McCook Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad have given a number of sizable donations. These include $30,000 for scholarships at McCook Community College, as well as gifts to the Kiplinger Arena, three branches of the Special Olympics, the Boosters Club at McCook High School for new showers, and playground equipment at the ward schools, with sources reporting that gift alone was $10,000.

And the volunteers' giving continues. In just over two weeks -- on Friday, July 4, 2003 -- residents of McCook, Culbertson and the surrounding region will be treated to the most spectacular fireworks displays in the communities' history because of special, added contributions from the volunteer fire and rescue squad.

As you view the magnificent shows, take time to remember the wonderful work of the McCook volunteers down through the years. They have done so much for the town and the area. We should be thanking them; but, instead, they are contributing to our enjoyment.

And that's not the end of it. When all's said and done -- after the legal fees of dissolving are paid and the way is clear to close the books on the McCook Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad -- one final check will be written. It will go to the Culbertson Volunteer Fire Department to help purchase an ambulance ... the goal McCook's volunteers had been shooting for throughout their final years of existence.

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