Teamwork helps rescue 'Bumper' from car, get him ready for adoption

Friday, May 17, 2024
Bumper gets nourishment with the help of a syringe.
Courtesy photo

McCOOK, Neb. — A tiny kitten named Bumper was discovered in a unique spot – the Bumper of Tim and Alyssa Spulak’s car. The discovery led to a rescue effort and a new beginning for the little feline.

Alyssa shared that Bumper likely ended up in her car’s Bumper as his mother sought a safe spot. Alyssa first heard Bumper’s faint cries one evening, but it wasn’t until the morning that she realized he was still there. Determined to help, Tim joined the search efforts, facing challenges as he tried to access the hidden kitten within the car.

After seeking assistance from Deveny’s, a local auto shop, the team managed to lift the car, remove several screws, and successfully extract Bumper from his unlikely hiding place. The kitten was then taken to the Red Willow Animal Clinic, where he received essential care, including deworming and medication for his eye.

Due to Bumper’s need for constant care and bottle feeding, Alyssa and Tim contacted the McCook Humane Society for assistance. Tim and Alyssa already have four cats and cannot house another.

Still, they continued to foster Bumper until the McCook Humane Society arranged for a foster home to care for him until he’s weaned and ready for adoption.

Alyssa and Tim’s dedication extends beyond this rescue. They have also taken proactive steps within their community, funding efforts to spay feral cats in their neighborhood. 

They would like to see a catch-and-release program to manage the feral cat population in McCook.

“Tim and I always joke that if we had if finances were not an option, that’s something we would do,” Alyssa said. Tim publicly shared his appreciation,

“Thank you all for the well wishes and offers to take him. Thanks to the McCook Humane Society, he has a foster and may be up for adoption soon. Thank you again, Deveny’s and everyone for all of the help.”

Bumper’s journey reminds us of the importance of carefully considering getting a new pet to ensure you can provide a forever home and spaying and neutering your pets to help prevent overpopulation. 

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