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Nebraska Republicans must defeat the establishment machine

Friday, September 23, 2022

When, at the NE-GOP State Convention, a majority of delegates handed the entrenched party overlords their pink slips, we “rebels” wondered whether Governor Ricketts would be a team player. We suspected he might act to undermine the newly-elected leadership. To the detriment of the party and the state, the governor wasted no time in doing so. Nebraska Republicans must now work together to defeat the establishment machine that seeks to centralize power unto itself, or else we will lose the state to socialist tyranny under Democrat rule.

As I previously asserted in my report on the State Convention, the Nebraska Republican Party elites think we heartland peasants are best seen and not heard. So, when deciding who shall have a voice in the direction and operation of the NE-GOP, the views of the grassroots were neither welcomed nor wanted. Unfortunately, Governor Ricketts, convinced of his own superior intellect, believes he alone must decide and guide all things Republican in Nebraska. From the moment we upstarts served the establishment’s water carriers their walking papers the governor and his allies have worked to damage the new and duly-elected party leadership.

Not long after former NE-GOP Chairman Dan Welch was voted out of office, Pete’s “yes men” made their move. These establishment elites abruptly resigned their positions and left the convention center. They then drove to Lincoln to wreak havoc within the NE-GOP’s offices, where they proceeded to sabotage computers, ransack files, and carry off just about everything that was not bolted down. This is but an example of how the establishment machine rolls over rank-and-file Republicans.

Governor Ricketts then decreed that all NE-GOP donors cease their contributions. So, what then should we of the grassroots conclude? If Pete cannot exercise total control over all things Republican in Nebraska, then there shall be no Republican Party in Nebraska? It’s Pete’s way or the highway? Is that the only way the NE-GOP is to operate? To assert that Governor Ricketts is acting reckless is an understatement. Is the governor so blinded by pride that he is willing to jeopardize a Republican majority in the legislature, and risk state-wide down-ballot races in the mid-term elections? It comes to this: Governor Ricketts cannot have his way in how the NE-GOP is structured and run; so, he has decided to undermine party operations altogether by cutting off donor funding. It would be bad enough if this spiteful act were the end of the story – but, alas, that is not the case …

Some doings discovered by the new leadership: No line-item budget, as required by the NE-GOP constitution; bills submitted for payment of alleged expenditures, but without any record of the required vendor contracts; invoices without time stamps; accounting software (Quick Books) locked out, only recently recovered; and other, possibly criminal, actions. The bill for the convention totaled $133,000; and there is money owed to Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin for his appearance. Basically, the GOP establishment believes they can bleed us dry – but then they also believed their pre-decided outcome at the State Convention was “in the bag.”

Presently the NE-GOP has funds sufficient to operate three months beyond the November elections. However, as it is individual Republicans who own the party, it is up to each Nebraska Republican to commit to its upkeep. We need monthly donations to fund daily operations. It need not be large sums: $10 / $20 per month, or more if you can afford to do so. Please mail your check to: NE-GOP, 1610 ‘N’ Street, Lincoln, NE 68508.

The ball is now in your court; and your actions will determine whether our efforts succeed or fail. The days of watching from the sidelines are done: we need soldiers on the field, and committed action. Many complained about the NE-GOP’s tone-deaf leadership, which impeded growth of the party. Many protested the exclusivity and dirty tricks. So, we took action to change the leadership. We tossed out the elitists, and elected those who are responsive to the concerns of the grassroots. The new team is changing the rules to make certain the voice of individual Republicans is never again ignored. The new team is developing a legislative plan designed to achieve results – and they are making election integrity a priority. Power is returning back to the hands of the people, where it belongs; but funding is crucial if we are to beat the establishment machine. To win the culture war, to win decisive political battles – for the good of our state and for the soul of our American Republic – we must pull together. This contest requires the participation of all Nebraska Republicans – not just the wealthy.

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