Old Glory deserves more respect than she often receives

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Granted, we’ve been a little distracted in this country, what with COVID, inflation, Jan. 6 hearings and the war in Ukraine, but the American Legion’s observance of Flag Day by presenting flags to McCook Community College today makes an important point.

Too many of us are ignorant of basic facts about Old Glory, and how she should be treated.

According to a recent survey by leading digital homework help platform, Brainly:

• 53.2% of middle and high school students do not currently discuss Flag Day in their schools, while over 35% were interested in learning more about the holiday

• Over 30% of respondents were unable to identify that there are 50 stars on the current American Flag (representing the 50 states)

• Only 45% of students identified the original American Flag design contained 13 stars to represent the 13 colonies

• A staggering 16% of all respondents correctly marked that the red, white, and blue colors signified Valor, Purity, and Justice while over 59% (incorrectly) claimed it represented Freedom, Equality, and Justice for All

Brainly provides some answers.

Military.com provides an extensive list of flag etiquette points.

Too often rolled out as a political tool or marketing ploy, the American flag deserves more honor and respect than it receives. Take some time today to reflect on the importance of our national symbol.

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