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Thank God for U.S. District Judge Matthew Schelp

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Dear Editor,

As a former employee at McCook Community Hospital. I am writing this letter in response to Duffy Keller’s letter concerning the mandatory vaccine class action lawsuit.

To begin I would like to commend Community Hospital for participating in this lawsuit and supporting their employees that do not want to indulge in this biometric tyranny. I refuse to call it a vaccine when it is nothing more than an “immune response jab” that is breeding resistant mutations. This is a science based, evidence based and a data based statement.

It amazes me that healthcare workers have so quickly been deemed from heroes to enemies or villains because of personal choices about their bodies.

I would be interested in knowing where Ms Keller obtained the misinformation that vaccinated persons are not at risk for being infected by this virus. My daughter is a Registered Nurse employed in a Nebraska hospital. It has been her experience that 80-90 percent of the COVID patients she has treated have been double vaccinated and some have received the booster. If these so-called vaccines are protecting persons from the virus why is this occurring? Did anyone ever hear of this kind of outbreak after the smallpox or polio vaccines? No, because they were truly vaccines and the diseases were eradicated with the vaccines.

I am not an anti-vaxxer. I am an educated, well informed, constitutional abiding and freedom loving American. My body, my choices or does that only apply to murdering babies? I would like to know where Ms Keller received her information acknowledging that anti-vaxxers are prevalent in this area. If you truly believe that these vaccine (jabs) and being vaccinated will protect you from the virus than the vaccinated should have nothing to worry about? How is judging another’s personal health or religious beliefs any different than any other discrimination? Why should Americans trade their liberty and freedom for an illusion of security, i.e. Vaccines that fail to immunize you? This is no different than encouraging everyone to use hand sanitizer. This kills our normal flora (microorganisms that prevent colonization by pathogens) that are our God given immune systems supply us to counteract these pathogens.

Another example is mask-wearing. Do people not understand the nanometer size of viruses? It is like wearing chicken wire over your face and expecting dust particles not to penetrate it. Although, I view both of these as your personal choice.

Never once in my career as a registered nurse, did I judge or provide anything but the best care possible to patients with HIV, Hepatitis C, or any other communicable disease that put my health or life at risk. Therefore, I pray that persons that conscientiously object to this experimental injection will not be judged either. Many have obtained antibodies from having the virus and legitimately should be recognized as such.

In closing, Ms Keller, if you are truly concerned about the unvaccinated, it may well serve you to place your focus on the southern border. Our present president is allowing millions of illegal immigrants that are unvaccinated, carrying unknown diseases and illicit drugs to cross the border creating a pandemic crisis. It is my feeling that the Community Hospital and all employees need embraced for dedicating endless time, energy, and education to care and advocate for the people of southwest Nebraska and the servicing area.

God Bless America and the Liberty and Freedom Loving People,

Rita Fritsch, R.N.

Culbertson, Neb.

PS Thank God for US District Judge Matthew Schelp! Common Sense Rules!

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