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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Dear Editor,

Today, I received Senator Deb Fischer's official letter, explaining her vote for the 1.2 TRILLION DOLLAR “Infrastructure Bill” – a federal monstrosity for which she colluded with communists – err, I mean “Democrats” – to shove more debt down our throats.

Here is my response to your rationale for this betrayal, Deb... What a crock of BS!

To quote Brigitte Gabriel: “19 Republican Senators sold out their country and their voters. They voted for a 2,700-page insane infrastructure spending bill, that they didn’t have the time to read before the Democrat staffers even finished writing it.”

Nebraskans should be melting down Fischer’s phone lines. Her e-mail server should be smoking hot.

This bill is 1.2 TRILLION DOLLARS of pork-laden skullduggery! You can bet the farm that Deb now knows she “screwed the pooch,” else why e-mail an official letter attempting to rationalize her asinine vote?

I added up the sums Fischer listed – they totaled 259.24 BILLION DOLLARS. So, Senator...


Our “fiscally conservative” senior senator wasted no time, after her “yes” vote on the 1.2 TRILLION porkfest, to denounce Democrats for their 3.2 TRILLION DOLLAR “Human Infrastructure” debacle. Deb breathlessly dispatched an e-mail, in which she declared “Taking a stand against reckless spending.” Blatant hypocrisy!

After you collaborate with communists to financially destroy our country, what's a few trillion more, eh Deb?

Senator Fischer will not look with a jaundiced eye when it comes time to renew the ONE TRILLION DOLLAR “FARM” BILL – $800 BILLION of which is food stamp welfare. She will bless that “reckless” abomination as well, because Deb has not the spine to demand the fetid federal fat be severed into standalone legislation. No; rather Senator Fischer will force Americans to take another fiscal sodomizing up the wazoo. Then, she will send us e-mails bemoaning the dangers of “reckless spending,” the deficit, and the debt.

How about this quote from Fischer's litany of excuses: “... I want to address a misunderstanding about this legislation. Media reports have indicated that this legislation included parts of the Equality Act. Let me be clear – no provisions of the Equality Act were included in this bill. The reports were referring to the Digital Equity Act, a provision in the bill that creates digital inclusion grant programs for low-income populations. Examples of projects under this program include efforts to improve digital literacy or online skills for seniors. Within this provision is a nondiscrimination clause that prevents the federal government from denying a grant application because of someone’s “race, color, religion, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, or disability.” This would only apply to Digital Equity grant program.”

“Low-income populations.” Hmm – would that be all the illegal aliens now flooding our once sovereign southern border? Perhaps she refers to those Afghan “refugees,” whom Joe Dementia will soon dump on us? By the time Biden, Fischer, and the Republocrats are finished, the only “low-income population” will be America’s middle class. Do we then get to claim refugee status?

Senator Fischer, get a clue! "EQUITY" DOES NOT HAVE THE SAME MEANING AS EQUALITY ... Equality is equal treatment / OPPORTUNITY under the law. Equity is forced equality of OUTCOME – the same Marxist Critical Theory the Democrats are now shoveling down our children’s throats. Apparently, you either know not the difference, or else you care not a whit for the distinction. So, thanks to Senator Fischer, we taxpayers will be made to pay for more federal programs promoting “gender identity” and “sexual orientation.” How Christian of you, Deb! Is perversion also a part of those “Nebraskan Values” you so often tout to your constituents each election cycle, when pandering for our votes?

Let me be blunt, Senator Fischer – You have gone off the rails, proving yourself a RINO train wreck. You see, Debbie dear, while many Republicans are actually Democrats, no Democrats are actually Republicans. That axiom is why – thanks to back-stabbing hypocrites – socialism continues its march on America unopposed.

You, ma’am, are a political opportunist who has gotten too comfy on the D.C. beltway. To your RINO cohorts, and the leftist loons in Omaha, you may be the cat’s meow; but for Nebraskans of the 3rd Congressional District, you are: tone-deaf to fiscal truths; patronizing towards your constituents, and; increasingly undeserving to hold office. Your “reckless” disregard for fiscal responsibility and honesty is why the Hitchcock County Republican Party will meet this Thursday to consider a vote on your CENSURE.

Bruce Desautels

Chairman, Hitchcock County Republican Party

Committeeman, State Central Committee District 315

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  • Bruce, go take a nap.

    -- Posted by AxolotlMom on Wed, Aug 25, 2021, at 3:54 PM
  • I looked this up. Last year the federal government took in 3.42 trillion dollars and spent 6.55 trillion dollars. Quite the difference.

    -- Posted by bob s on Thu, Aug 26, 2021, at 1:51 PM
  • Suggest the author educate himself as to what a communist actually is, what a socialist actually is, what a Democrat actually is, and what a

    fascist actually is. He will find that the present leadership of the republican party fulfills most if not all traits of fascism.

    -- Posted by ontheleftcoast on Thu, Aug 26, 2021, at 6:57 PM
  • *

    Dear AxolotlMom - Go climb a tree.

    Dear ontheleftcoast - National Socialism, aka "Fascism" is government control of all industry, commerce and private property, while ostensibly allowing "private ownership." It is typically limited to a nation state.

    Communism, OTOH, is complete control by the central government. There is no private property, no local control of any aspect of the economy. Neither is their individual rights or even a concept of "the individual." All is of, by, and for "The State."

    While in the United States we do have Republican politicians who, to varying degrees, act as socialists - in that they desire ever-increasing levels of government control, or at least government interference in the affairs of individuals and commerce (Republican In Name Only, aka "RINOs"), the greater majority of those who claim themselves Republican have no such inclination. They uphold the rights of the individual, the idea of limited government, and the necessity of public and private morality that follows an transcendent objective standard (aka, "ontological reality," "objective reality," "objective truth").

    OTOH, most Democrats are intellectually dishonest as to what ideology serves as their organizing principle in life. On an individual level, they may tend towards a form of soft socialism, such as that advocated by FDR and more so by LBJ. Barack Obama pushed this form much further to the left, advocating the form of national socialism defined above - even to the threshold of Marxist communism. After all, Barak Obama was raised by, and mentored under avowed Marxists. His close friends were avowed Marxists. The irony is that, while pushing this radical egalitarian ideology of complete equity among the masses, yet Obama himself - as well as those in his ideological circle - all personally strived to maximize their own personal wealth using capitalist principles. This practice, of course, has a name - hypocrisy.

    A large percentage of those now in government positions of power, both elected and appointed bureaucrats - and likewise those who run our universities, colleges, public schools, arts & entertainment, news media, and especially those who now are titans within the corporate world - can only be defined as "communist" in their ideology and actions:

    They desire total government dominance over the individual, and central planning of the economy, not only at the national level, but globally. Recall that, while fascism is a "national" form of socialism, communism is the "international" form.

    Democrats are increasingly hostile towards individual rights and private property; they deny the inherent value of the individual, rather seeing only "groups" and "categories" of individuals that fit the template of "the collective." They tend to act as practical atheists, denying the existence of God, eliminating Him and his authority from the public square, and gradually working to remove religious freedom from the individual. These Democrats reject any notion of a transcendent objective moral code, being openly hostile to any form of organized religion or morality - at best, they practice "situational ethics." Which is to say "they build their house on a foundation of sand."

    So, yes, ontheleftcoast, I very much do know the difference between the various ideologies. Apparently you either do not know the difference, or do not really give a whit about the true distinctions - which is not surprising to me.

    -- Posted by Bruce Desautels on Fri, Aug 27, 2021, at 11:06 AM
  • I have seen my property taxes go up year after year, DUE TO a Right wing body of COMMISSIONERS. IN fact Republican' Red's run this state. Go to hearings, they blame the state, which is run by Republican's. Your description of the Democrats is leaning more fitting to the Republican Party which individual rights, private property is something they have no respect for. No respect for the rights of the voters, which many Republican states run my Republican Gov. are trying to take away the rights of voters. The Republican's have McConnell who has spent much time destroying our rights and refusing to bring bills on the floor that will protect the voters and people of this country from the greed of the Republican base of only the rich and corporations matter. Seems you do not really give a whit about the truth of what the Republican party stands for.

    -- Posted by S&P1958 on Sat, Aug 28, 2021, at 1:08 PM
  • *

    Hey, Brucey!

    Way to own the libs!

    Just kidding.

    Seriously though, it's going to be OK, snowflake. Find a safe place where you can be triggered without another meltdown like this.

    Thoughts and prayers!



    -- Posted by Blue Willow on Sat, Aug 28, 2021, at 8:10 PM
  • I doubt that the form of government has much to do with the quality of life within a country or whether the country is a good or bad one. I do think the level of corruption in a country is what makes the country a good country or a bad country. Sadly, for the USA, the bulk of the people running the country are corrupt. At all levels of government,corruption is pervasive in the USA. There's a group that ranks coutries by how corrupt they are. Most of the least corrupt countries are socialists countries. The USA ranks a few places down fron Urugray and Chile. Not kidding. You can see the handwriting on the wall because the main factor for determining a countries worth is simple never brought up. There's all kinds of arguing about all kinds of things , but the pervasiveness and level of corruption is never looked at. It , therefore, is something that will never improve. We are in a downward spiral. Government corruption is the reason.

    -- Posted by bob s on Sat, Aug 28, 2021, at 9:58 PM
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