Letter to the Editor

Please don't speed

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Dear Editor,

I read the article in the McCook Gazette: "Troopers catch 100 drivers over 100 mph in last 35 days" (April 23rd issue). I realize that this COVID-19 coronavirus has been hard on everyone. I also know that the Governor's "Stay-at-Home Order" has not always been complied with. It's one thing to have cabin-fever, it's another matter to have reckless Spring-fever (in any year). Sadly, some vehicle-drivers feel that the current time is an opportune time for them to be a daredevil, driving at high-speeds without much fear of getting caught. I wish they'd curb their daredevil actions. They ARE caught; but worse of all is the risk of the person getting into an accident with law-abiding drivers. Having relatives in McCook, Cambridge, Arapahoe and other areas, I certainly don't want one of my relatives or friends killed or maimed by a collision with a thrill-seeker driver. I implore everyone: This is a time of national crisis: Please don't deliberately do excessive speeding and certainly don't tempt fate by any 'showing-off' at speeds of 100 mph. It distracts law-enforcement from doing increased patrols of shuttered businesses as well as helping First-Responders and helping other people with legitimate needs. This is no time to break laws by taking higher risks. As a Society, we need to promote public safety, not endanger it further.


James A. Marpled,

Longview, Texas

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