Letter to the Editor

Finding a new perspective on time

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Dear Editor,

In the book “Simple Abundance,” Sarah Breathnach tells the reader that “too many of us approach time alone as if it were a frivolous expendable luxury rather than a creative necessity.”

Just under the surface, there’s a place a restful reserve where we can experience rejuvenation and where we can sense God’s presence.

Regular periods of quiet time are essential for emotional and spiritual growth.Achievements in our outer environment must have first been conceived by our inner selves. That can only happen in solitude.

Preparedness that comes from forethought, rest and recuperation from the cares of the day and communion with God are essentials that result in better life adjustment. Silence the overzealous slave driver that pushes you to do it all.

Solitude cracks open the door that separates the outer world and the inner self. Spend some time with God who created you and has a plan for your life.

Some people have more privacy needs than others. Some first-born and only children will need more quiet time because they often were alone when their personalities were formed. People who grew up in a large family can tolerate longer times of togetherness because they grew up in a crowd.

Taking time for yourself is an act of self-love. You know when you’ve had enough and need to retreat.

The fresh perspective that you will tain will be helpful in dealing with the rest of the day.

Janine Hall


Apache Junction, Ariz.

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