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More bison should be worked near McCook

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Dear Editor,

Having family in McCook, Cambridge, Arapahoe, and vicinity, I read The Gazette article: "Working American bison educational learning experience for college rodeo cowboys" (Jan 23rd issue). I am glad that some youthful local cowboys got an eye-opening experience by working some bison recently near McCook. It is a huge difference from working cattle.As noted, bison have huge dangerous heads which are more difficult to 'rope'. They can be powerful and correspondingly, more dangerous, animals to work with. They are notoriously stubborn. Yet, they were a staple on the Great Plains (especially Nebraska and Kansas years ago) and there is a good chance of increasing herds and "beef is beef". But, more importantly, bison can be as important to the National Economy, if prudently managed. The legend holds that the American Indians "didn't waste" any portion of a dead buffalo. Everything from "Tongue to Tail" was utilized. That conservative spirit should be the maxim, now. I wish the young "bison cowboys" much future success as well as the ranchers and all additional associated people who could benefit in this economic supply-chain.


James A. Marples,

Longview, Texas

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