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Speaker grateful for local experience

Friday, August 30, 2019

EDITOR’S NOTE: Jim Davis, who recently spoke in Arapahoe about his “Passion Flights for Life” ministry, submitted this story about his experience in the area:

Dear Editor,

We have all heard horror stories of a stranger a thousand miles from home having their vehicle break down and the repairs costing an exorbitant fee.

This is not one of those stories. In fact it is just the opposite! I was in Arapahoe, Neb. Where I gave my testimony of what God has done for me recently.

After departing I had only gone about 40 miles when smoke rolled from under the hood and I heard a knocking in the engine. I called my friends (Bob and Connie Johnson) and they directed me to South Central Diesel shop.

After diagnosing the problem, Mike told me that two injectors were shot and the other four were bad! Also the exhaust manifold was cracked! He said it would cost $3,200. I told him I did not have that much and for him to replace two injectors and the manifold.

When I returned for the truck he had replaced all six Injectors, the manifold and found the starter was smoking so replaced it also.

Then to my surprise, he told me to pay what I told him I could afford which was considerably less. I cannot express my appreciation to Mike and his Dad enough.

But I pray that The Lord will bless them and their business many times over for what they did for me. Otherwise I would have been stranded in Nebraska and unable to drive to Ohio for my grandson’s wedding.

By the way, the truck ran great and I had no more problems with it.

Jim Davis,

Passion Flights for Life

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