Enjoy Fathers Day? Here's more good news for dad

Monday, June 17, 2019

If you’re a father who was treated to an extra helping of steak or cheese cake Sunday, you no longer have to feel like a fitness failure.

In fact, you might find a little more success with the woman in your life.

More and more women are turned on by a “dad bod,” according A Planet Fitness survey.

Sixty-five percent of the women in the survey said they found dad bods sexy, and more than half called them “the new six pack,”

That’s 10 percent ahead of the same results a year ago.

Your guess is as good as our as to how to interpret the results; perhaps a pear shape is more reassuring to someone looking for stability.

Other results found that 79 percent said they are happier with their body, 48 percent are less concerned with the appearance, 78 percent of men and women believe a dad bod is a sign of confidence and 65 percent say a dad bod is attractive.

Of course, that doesn’t mean dad should go overboard in the relaxed-fit department; he needs to be in reasonably good shape to keep up with the demands of a family over the long term.

And if you’re one of those guys who might qualify for a modeling gig, don’t jump to any conclusions about that dad’s sideways glance at the pool; perhaps it’s one of pity.

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