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Team building, yes, but who is on the team

Monday, April 15, 2019

Dear Editor,

In [reference] to the Feb. 12, 2019 article: “McCook Public Schools tightening belt”. The Atlantic’s January 30, 2015 article, “It Takes a Village: The Rise of Community-Driven Infrastructure” written by Greta Byrum, urban planner and a senior field analyst at the Open Technology Institute; “Thinking local—and integrating social engagement into systems planning—means reimagining infrastructure as we know it.”. Who’s on the ‘team’ in educating our children?

In the Feb. 12, 2019, McCook Gazette article: “McCook Public Schools tightening belt,” ... board member Mike Langan “asked if the reduction in force and other measures will put the quality of education at risk.” McCook Schools business manager, John Brazell “answered that based on research, it’s the quality of the teacher, not class size, that affects education.”.

Who are the ‘team’ members? As with anyone, arriving on the job prepared for the days’ tasks, physically and psychologically, students too must be ‘ready’ for the learning experience.

Alan November, Marblehead MA, international leader in the digital age talks about “Motivating students to manage their own learning” in his May 5, 2014 video “Who Owns the Learning? Preparing students for success.”.

Students prepared for the learning experience and who learn to manage their own learning save $$ as well as employees prepared for the day and who take it upon themselves save $$.

Opportunities to engage in developing a positive fresh learning experience are around all of us.

Jolene Jones

Sociology/Business Major

McCook, Neb.

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