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The cure for opioid addiction

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Dear Editor,

The root of all pain killer addictions is physical or emotional pain never resolved. When our loved ones cry out, we need to listen the first time. Their physical and emotional pain is more than they can bear. You probably cannot relate, if you have never experienced any pain beyond a boo-boo. The addiction comes about by no answer from the medical world, friends or family to resolve and stop the inner pain they deal with, often 24/7. In their unheard panic, they are the only one who understands and it is a desperate attempt to stop the pain. Any relief, even temporal gives them a reprieve. A few moments to be free from the all-consuming Pain! Lots of times when this is physical it started with an accident or a surgery.

Procedures need to be effective, yet less invasive. Sometimes neuroreceptors are so damaged they no longer send a message to the brain when the true pain is gone. The person experiences phantom pain for decades, yet it is real to them. The body will not be lied to. It knows it has been invaded and tortured, if even in the name of medical healing. It often trades one ailment for another type of pain. A Pain that is not curable due to the depth of the invasion.

People get mad at the patient, not the pain they suffer 24/7 this adds mental pain for the patient. Unheard, unlistened to, unhelped, unloved, un-understood, and sometimes mocked or made fun of.

The patient may have no physical pain, yet emotional pain from trauma, PTSD, never dealt with. Sometimes they have physical and emotional pain. When they are coming down from the medications all that hurt and pain will be unleashed in anger and hatred toward everyone around them. As much as it hurts you when they lash out at you, realize that is what they have been carrying inside and imagine what it has and is doing to them. Don't show pity, and do not cave into the evil outbursts. Let them detox and come back to a sound mind and clear thinking and you still be there for them when they do.

When friends, family, loved ones, doctors do not listen up, have compassion, resolution or answers, but instead lash out at the patient, it increases the PTSD, and the current abuse is added to what they already had to deal with. In hopelessness, they are fighting this minute by minute pain and anguish alone. They are desperate to do whatever it takes to get a pain-relieving hit. They just want to be pain-free, even for a few minutes no matter the costs.

Emotional pain is just as real and devastating as physical pain. Childhood trauma, beatings, rape, incest, decades of verbal abuse creates a PTSD all its own. Opioids alter the brain and the person can forget for a while. The trouble is they forget "everything" for a while. All emotions are disconnected, they did not want to emotionally "feel" anymore for a while, no pain, no emotions, no responsibilities.. It was the only way they knew to get any relief.

Actions that need to happen to stop the Opioid addictions:

1. Less invasive surgeries so neuroreceptors stay connected and do their job turning on and off, and returning to healthy peaceful norm as the body heals.

2. Emotional abuse and traumas need to end and their after-effects dwelt within a healing healthy manner. Emotional, and verbal abuse are real. Words can kill and haunt you the rest of your life if not dealt with. Therapy should be low to no cost, embraced and enacted to produce healing at the point of impact, so they can be resolved before decades of fear hinder one from seeking or receiving therapeutic help.

3. Pain Killers that address the pain without messing up the brain, non-addictive, yet stronger than an IBprophin or Tylenol (which are a joke in severe physical pain relief attempts).

4. Counseling should be part of patient treatment after invasive surgery, during this healing process and it should be required and an automatic given.

If society wants to stop Opioid Addiction, stop the source, the reasons people get sucked in….emotional, verbal and physical pain…they are seeking relief. Invent and come up with better ways to stop the emotional and physical pain without the need for Opioids with their devastating side effect destruction.

Mona Anderson

McCook, Neb.

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