Letter to the Editor

The ideology of diversity

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

EDITORíS NOTE: The following was an open letter to State Sen. Dan Hughes:

Sen. Hughes,

I would like to express my concern that the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is hiring its first diversity vice chancellor for two reasons.

1. From what I understand this man will be paid $250,000. When the University is having to cut back due to budget restrictions, why would they hire their first diversity vice chancellor at such a huge salary? Why is this necessary when teaching professors are having to be let go?

2. From what I have heard the issue of diversity has been a major problem on many college campuses, such as the University of Missouri. (Perhaps the hiring of this man will solve the budget problem as the University of Missouri has had to significantly reduce their staff due to a significant cut in enrollment.)

I urge you to listen to this podcast by Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute entitled "Diversity Ideology in American Universities."



George Young

McCook, Neb.

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