Tragic reminder of how fragile life is

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

As this is written, weíre still waiting to hear details of the fatal head-on collision north of McCook Tuesday, but whatever details are forthcoming will do little to lessen the impact of the tragedy.

Over the scanner, we could hear the urgency in the voices of emergency personnel called to the scene near Hugh Butler Lake, then sad resignation in the call back to the dispatcher that the ambulance call was no longer urgent.

A call for the county attorney, who acts as a coroner, confirmed the worst fears.

Whether seatbelts were worn was irrelevant due to the severity of the crash, and we donít know what part the wet conditions may have played. We do know the mishap occurred at the bottom of steep hills with a narrow bridge, always a place for cautious driving, even in good weather.

Yes, wear your seatbelt and slow down when roads are slick, but be aware that taking every precaution possible may not be enough if the wrong combination of factors occur.

When that happens, things like work and politics, the latest fashion trends and mean things someone said on Facebook are put in proper perspective, far down the list of items that are truly important.

Keep our friends and family close. Put petty disagreements aside and look past each otherís shortcomings to see just how valuable we are to each other.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all involved in the tragic scene on Highway 83 on Tuesday.

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