Letter to the Editor

We lost two good men last week

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Dear Editor,

Just recently we lost two very great men. One, a Raleigh Haas and the other, a Sen. McCain.

Both of these men had been remembered as the service they gave to all that was around them. Sen. McCain made his vote against the health bill that was presented by President Trump, and that alone took great courage. and being a Vietnam vet also took great courage.

At one time, Raleigh Haas was my sonís probation officer and he made such a positive impact on him that he had two Marine deployments in Iraq and one deployment in Okinawa.

It is in my opinion between the two of them they did more than our own president of United States.

So you can either agree or disagree with me does not matter, what matters is we took a great loss of two very great men.

Both men set a great role model and example of what it is to serve the public and it is important for us to follow their example and not ask for a pat on the back.

Kevin Dunn

Holbrook, Neb.

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