Letter to the Editor

A real warrior

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Dear Editor,

Every care facility has a platoon of warriors ... residents and staff. I am reminded of this every time that I go there. July 2017, my retired life of 20 years ended for 34 days and every one of them was a reminder that those warriors had much to show me about real life.

It was summer of 1958 at Camp Ripley that one of the sergeants from the McCook National Guard provided me support and guidance. He has been at the care center for years, but he is a warrior that leads the best he can. His example shows me that blessings come in many forms and that I had better appreciate it. Every warrior has lived an interesting story that connects to someone.

Memories of staff giving support to their patients are another reminder that we are fortunate to have Hillcrest Caring Center. We who are not residents have a reminder to appreciate our blessings.

Every human has a story and there are so many of them at any care facility.

May God Bless us everyone.

Don Harpst,

McCook, Neb.

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