Congratulations on another successful Buffalo Commons

Monday, June 11, 2018

Attendance was up at nearly all events for the 22nd annual Buffalo Commons Storytelling and Music Festival, according to organizers.

The Fox Theatre was full for Saturday night’s finale, and headliners joined with regular performers in singing praises of the nourishing, welcoming atmosphere that permeates the spring event, named in defiance of those who would depopulate our corner of the nation.

The History’s Mysteries Bus Tour was sold out as usual, and locals, as well as visitors, learned more about the importance of water to our region as well as a look at the festival’s namesakes — technically, American bison — as well as an intimate look at the structure that forms Hugh Butler Lake.

Zoe Lewis was back for her third visit, one-third of the Rubber Band, with Mannheim Steamroller’s Roxanne Layton and Kate Wolf, who obligingly bleated like a sheep as well as provided low notes on a rubber-stringed bass ukulele.

Audience participation was in full swing at the High Plains Museum, adding to Angus Garey’s stories of how his ancestors came to our region.

There were plenty of kids involved in the festival, both at events tailored to them and at Saturday night’s wrap-up, where Bil Lepp expounded on the need for children to have someone to lie to them, and Chuck Peek provided poignant poetry.

Hot weather was no friend to Sunday’s Heritage Cemetery Tour, but the event did draw a significant number of fans of local history and deserves to be presented again.

Many factors are beyond organizers’ control when it comes to community events like Buffalo Commons, but it’s clear they’ve become skilled at putting the pieces together for an enjoyable, memorable experience each year.

If you’d like to get involved, attending one of the Buffalo Commons First Tuesday events throughout the year, each month September through May at the Bieroc Cafe, would be a good way to find out more.

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