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Goat tied II

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Dear Editor,

Yes, she had to go to England where she had a forced delivery of a baby, who, of course died because of the early extraction from the womb.

But the 8th amendment in Ireland would have forbidden this, hence the trip to England.

In talking to an interviewer, who was very sympathetic, the confused woman made a significant remark, one that showed exactly where her “goat was tied,” one that democrats and “pro-choice feminists” and other “fuzzy-minded” people hold on to for dear life to. To Wit:

“It’s a matter of women’s health.”

The timing of this woman’s experience, and the timing of the “media’s” desire to interview her today, before the vote on Friday, shows that the Media wants the Irish people to vote “Yes” to banish the 8th amendment to the constitution of Ireland which makes it a crime to kill or take the life of any one from conception to normal death.

So, now we know, not only where the woman’s goat is but, also, the goat is openly and securely tied firmly, toward Ireland’s being in favor of abortion, otherwise known as “self-seeking flatterer” or a “slanderer.” or in modern terms: “fake-news.”


James G. McHale

McCook, Neb.

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