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Another weeping willow

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Dear Editor,

The writer of an article, “Bizarre World,” joins the Democrat Party in Ballyhooing and rehashing the weeping willow complaints of the unbelieving losing party in a national election for the Presidency. Get out your handkerchiefs while we quote a few of the tear-jerkers we were asked to wallow in sympathetically, all stemming from the Democratic Playbook, ad nauseam. Ironically, here are a few bizarre remarks, typical of losing Democratic voters who are still steaming over losing the recent election. To wit:

“I always thought America was a kid-friendly place.” --- a bit of sarcasm, meaning, until that Scrooge” won the election and now he is about to take that “sugar-daddy government subsidies” away from our starving children. Oh, woe is me!

Because of Trump, “parents are put in the position of having to explain to their children what a porn star is.” Well, yeah! Because this past week, the Democrats and their mouthpiece, the Media ballyhooed “Stormy, the Porn-Star” all over the children’s world, in one more attempt to bring down Trump with no thought or respect for the innocent minds of our children.

But (the Porn Star), “that’s tiddlywinks.”. compared to “Trump’s now declared all-out war against vulnerable children.” And here we’ll need a towel in place of a handkerchief, Trump “wants to, ... eliminate the ability of 8.9 million children enrolled in the Medicare program, so he can dump that money back into the Treasury” Further, “Then he can give more money to the wealthiest people who don’t need it.”

Obviously, the writer is being led by the nose and is probably innocent, especially when it comes for who is for children and who is not. The writer needs to look at all that this boogie-man in the White House has accomplished since he entered the White House, and, ask when it comes to children and “the kid-friendly place where wholesome values are cherished and children were nurtured and protected” which the writer aspires to, might merely ask himself or herself, Is it President Trump, or is it the Democratic Party that the writer is out to emulate, that approves of and even encourages the evisceration of children in the, once upon a time, safety, of the womb, who are the most vulnerable children compared to the children involved in the Chip program organized by the government?????


James G. McHale

McCook, Neb.

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