Letter to the Editor

Congrats, cowboys!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Dear Editor,

I wanted to congratulate the two people mentioned in the article ďHeadiní and Heeliní,Ē Lakota Pattan and Graylan Elkins, on their amazing feat. They caught their steer in EIGHT seconds. WOW!! Iíll admit Iím fairly new to rodeos, but even I know that thatís some good roping. It's truly remarkable, and I hope they get all the praise they are worthy of. I also hope that everyone gives big thanks to the Red Willow County Tourism Board for their grant that allowed this competition to occur. Without them, no steer would have been caught as fast.

I really hope that the rodeo raised enough money for the Mid-Plains Community College Rodeo team to last them a decade. Good luck Mid-Plains Rodeo team!! If you rope up them boys anything like they did at your fundraiser, youíll do just fine.


Brett Morrison

Marietta, Ga.

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