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Downtown parking, museum opportunity?

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Dear Editor.

Parking in downtown McCook has been a concern of mine for many years. The City has addressed this issue in various ways over the years by creating city-owned parking lots and, more recently, upgrading one at East 1st and D St. as well as providing for a walkway to Norris Ave. from it.

There is still a serious problem in that there are not enough parking spaces west of Norris Avenue for all the employees of these businesses.

We have an opportunity that could help solve this situation with the closing of Wells Fargo Bank. Its lower level covered parking garage would be an ideal addition to downtown public parking.

I encourage the leaders of this fine city to take a look at acquiring this building for public parking. The upper level of the building is rented office space for Nebraska Social Services. The main level would be a great venue for the proposed Children’s Museum. As McCook considers so many proposals of projects, this is one that may be limited by time for this opportunity.

It would get many employees off the street and make much more parking available for the public that frequent our downtown businesses. Certainly customers of downtown businesses would also be able to use it as well.

Let’s keep McCook’s downtown alive and well by providing adequate parking!


Dr. Mike Nielsen

McCook, Neb.

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