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Biased judges

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Dear Editor,

A recent news announcement in various newspapers revealed that some of the judges for the skating events were biased. As a result, a Russian figure skater won a gold medal.

Ann Romney, wife of Mitt Romney, who ran against Obama for president, owned a dressage horse called Baron.

In dressage, the rider communicates commands to their horse by subtle pressure on their inside leg and the outside rein. This is a case of complete trust between horse and rider.

Mitt Romney had been charge of the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. They arrived there when her multiple sclerosis was at its peak. She was determined to ride Baron in a future Olympic competition.

She called it her “equine therapy.” In 2006, she was the New England Dressage Association Adult Amateur Champion.

Ann Romney’s horse competed in an Olympic competition in England, but not with her riding him. There was concern that she might fall off him due to her M.S. Critical judges made negative comments.

Ann had done research on others who suffered from M.S. She learned that Michelle Obama’s father had M.S. and walked with two canes.

Olympia is about 1 miles from Pirgos, Greece. The Olympic games were held there every four years.

Winter Olympics are held in a mountainous country with plenty of snow. Figure skaters take part in individual and team events for both men and women. Winners receive gold medals Second place winners receive silver medals. Bronze medals go to third place winners. Fourth, fifth and sixth-place athletes receive certificates.

The first recorded Olympic competitions were held in 776 B.C. Historians believe that they were held much earlier than that.

Fans hope that biased judges have been eliminated in 2018 and that their decisions will be fair.

For information, see the World Book Encyclopedia and “In This Together” by Ann Romney, St. Martin’s Press 2015.

Helen Ruth Arnold,

Trenton, Neb.

Nebraska info

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