Letter to the Editor

Hot plate angel

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Dear Editor,

Grannie Annie was preparing to work an afternoon shift at Helping Hand, McCook’s UMC thrift store. A bit frustrated she offered a silent prayer request to the Lord to see a way to deliver a shipment of used clothing to the refugees in shelters due to Hurricane Harvey.

This old guy suggested packing our SUV full and driving to Houston. But where would you go to get it to the people that need it? Frustration.

He didn’t look much like an angel, the thin man from Cambridge looking for a pancake griddle. Helping Hand had one. “Do you also have a hot plate?”

Grannie suggested that he might be planning a pancake feed. “Well, actually it is for some of his wife’s relation who escaped their flooded home and have nothing! They do have access to a generator,” was his reply. “We are leaving really early tomorrow (Wednesday) morning to drive things down to them.”

Like a dog on a hunt, Grannie Annie sprang into action. She and Darlene loaded six huge black bags, a car full, with adult men and women’s underwear, T-shirts, appropriate light weight clothing, adult diapers and more for her new found Angel and his wife to deliver to where all is sorely needed. No charge — but the angel insisted on donating five bucks for the griddle.

People helping people. Grannie Annie says to be careful what you pray for! I think Jesus would be proud!

That is the way I saw it.

Dick Trail,

McCook, Neb.

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