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You can't rope a tornado

Monday, August 14, 2017

Dear Editor,

Present circumstance requires bluntness: I’ve had enough of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s bull crap! I’ve had enough of the unethical sham he calls an investigation, which is based entirely on a bogus story. I’ve had enough of the DNC-induced “Russia” narrative and its media-propagated, GOP-exacerbated lies! I’ve had enough of the maelstrom of malicious “leaks,” attributed to Bush / Obama holdovers within the “intelligence” community. More than all else, I have had enough of the Machiavellian clones within the Republican Party, who conspire with Democrats and D.C. establishment hacks to publically humiliate, and politically eliminate, President Trump. This Republican Game of Thrones will end badly for the GOP.

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein has gone afoul of the law – letting Robert Mueller run wild, like a pit bull off its leash, far outside the authority of the Executive Order that empowered the Special Counsel. Contrary to his duty, Mr. Rosenstein has exercised no oversight whatsoever. He has acted willfully negligent in keeping this “investigation” within its proper scope; and it is obvious the spectacle is a political lynching. Worse, it is metastasizing into a cancer within the body politic, which, if not excised, will be terminal for the Republican Party. Deputy AG Rosenstein needs to recuse himself, and allow Rachel Brand to lead the investigation. At which point, Ms. Brand must reign in Mueller and his train of Democrat lawyers.

I expect Nebraska Republicans to publicly advocate for this change. Further, I expect Nebraska’s Republican congressional conference to demand this action, to act as surrogates for President Trump, and to condemn any Republican who refuses to proactively support him. (Got that, Senator Sasse?) Republicans, WHO VOTED FOR OUR PARTY’S NOMINEE, should not be marginalized for expecting that the GOP support our duly elected Republican President! We must demand that ALL elected Republican members of Congress, many of whom appear impotent or indifferent to attacks on President Trump, find their spines, reattach their family jewels, and DO THEIR JOB in assisting our President to fulfill his promises to the American people – because THAT IS WHY WE VOTED FOR HIM! I expect intransigence and treachery from Democrats, for that is all they know; but if our Republican representatives find the task of cooperating with President Trump distasteful, then I must ask: is integrity too difficult a concept for the “honorable” GOP members of Congress?

If Nebraska Trump supporters continue to witness our congressional caucus persisting in their cowardly practice of “keeping heads low,” waiting to see if the President “survives” Mueller’s witch hunt, then we should work to find their replacements for the 2018 mid-term election. Let them understand: Trump Republicans no longer care whether the GOP lives or dies. Do not underestimate our resolve: the top priority for us is the vitality of the Trump Presidency, and the advancement of HIS agenda.

The 63 MILLION Americans who elected Trump did not intend that our choice be nullified by a cabal of D.C. donor hacks and GOP establishment buffoons. Yet we watch in disbelief, while a cabal of faithless poltroons within the Republican Party willfully sabotages their own President! Such shameful disloyalty is testimony that none of these individuals ever again deserves the privilege of our vote! The leadership must get this through their heads: If Trump’s presidency is crippled, the GOP no longer matters! Do they not understand this truth? The political consequence will be the revolt of their base, and the end of GOP electoral hopes for generations! Indeed, some people act as though stupidity were a virtue!

I am disgusted with establishment Republicans, whose self-serving myopia lets them see no further than the checkbook of their donor masters. But a Party whose leadership habitually flees adversity and runs for the tall grass, whose narcissistic desire for collegiality seldom yields to its obligation to work for America’s best interests, has neither honor nor value. I’ve had my fill of do-nothing double talk, and empty promises. We gave them a MAJORITY in BOTH Houses of Congress, and won them the presidency – BUT STILL THEY REFUSE TO LEAD! I’ve reached my limit in digesting the GOP’s nauseating effeminacy, its worn-out excuses, and its constant betrayal of principle. What we have is a pathetic group of individuals who are too gutless to lead, too blind to follow, and too spiteful to get out of the way.

We finally have a President who says what he means and means what he says; but the bitter old-school clingers would rather piss away the political opportunity of a lifetime. Why? Because President Trump is the biggest threat the status quo has ever faced. He endangers their “beltway gravy train.” He mocks the dysfunctional madness that is our present two-party system. The corrupt Party bosses can’t have an “outsider” exposing their crooked game! So, they sabotage him. That being the case, why should we trust a Republican any more than a Democrat? We may as well play “Russian” Roulette – We’d have better odds of GETTING RESULTS!

Let me set Republican players straight: If any of you thinks, or believes or hopes, that President Trump’s supporters will abandon him, you‘ve either got your heads stuck in the media’s echo chamber, or else you have them sunk deeply in the establishment dung pile. Either way, it’s time for your enema. If you won’t do the job we elected you to do, if you won’t support the man we elected to lead the nation … Then YOU WILL BE FIRED! If you doubt our resolve – then imagine the hell that 63 MILLION livid Trump-supporters will rain on D.C., should the political lynching of this President succeed. If his presidency is crippled or eliminated because of Republican indifference or collusion with his enemies, then be sure as the sunrise that the GOP is a dead man walking – and, unlike Mueller’s charade, that’s no bull.

In closing, I advise the Republican leadership is to pull your heads out of your butts; and, for once, stand for something other than yourselves. Stand with our president, or the GOP will be swept away like dust in a tornado; for this is how we Trump supporters roll … And, as every Nebraskan knows – you can’t rope a tornado!

Bruce C. A. Desautels

Stratton, Nebraska

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    The people who called me in response to this story - My answering machine got knocked out by a lightening strike. Please contact me again after 6PM M-F or on Saturday. Thanks

    B. Desautels

    -- Posted by Bruce Desautels on Sat, Aug 19, 2017, at 11:01 PM
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    Did the lightning (or was it a lightening)strike miss it's mark after some of your remarks and just knocked out the answering machine.......LOL

    I'm sure it was a covert operation by the fake media or at the very least a Democrat. Ha-a-a-a-a.

    Just reported that your man Trump has been trying to get Mitch McConnell to drop the Senate investigation, but I'm sure that is all fake news again. Yea right.

    -- Posted by fit2btied on Tue, Aug 22, 2017, at 10:17 PM
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