Nothing to do? Not with this outpouring of ideas

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

We’ve all heard — we’ve probably even said — there’s nothing to do in this town.

But anyone who’s gotten involved in small town life can tell you it’s not uncommon to find yourself busy every night of the week.

We noticed a Facebook post on a local for-sale site from a young man and his girlfriend, saying they had moved here from a big city, and were looking to meet people and find places to explore.

There were a few who chimed in with negative comments about small town life, and others who suggested out-of-town attractions.

But for the most part, the floodgates opened with suggestions over ways to get involved — entertainment, events, organizations. hobbies, sports and more.

The Chamber of Commerce should have been proud.

There was no shortage of suggestions by social media users.

The Red Willow County Fair got many mentions, as did a couple of churches and music at the Lighthouse Marina on Saturday nights, the Coppermill, Loop Brewery, Bieroc Cafe and other venues.

Churches are a good way to get involved, the couple was told, and a bowling league is ready to start in August.

Heritage Days in the fall, Buffalo Commons in the early summer were popular suggestions.

Follow the Southwest Nebraska Community Theater Association, they were told, and check out Fox Theatre, Game on Games, Tuesday night specials at the Cinema II theater, McCook High School and McCook Community College sports, and MNB’s two upcoming Hot Summer Nights concerts in Norris Park were mentioned.

The Good Living Tour/Prairie Roots Festival was mentioned, and girlfriend was pointed to the McCook Art Guild and other crafting and artistic possibilities, and McCook Humane Society as a prime volunteering opportunity.

A twice-a-month Family Fun Night lands this Wednesday at Hugh Butler Lake north of McCook, one of three water opportunities within a short distance, and McCook is known for its top-flight Heritage Hills Golf Course.

Others included the Mothers Of Preschoolers, Rotary Club, and the variety of dining and shopping establishments.

Then there’s the YMCA, city parks and walking trails and ballfields.

Nothing to do?

Like so many things, small-town community life gives back what you put into it, and so much more.

Judging from their question, and the responses, we’re pretty sure it won’t be long until the new McCook residents are feeling right at home.

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