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Ernie Chambers, obstructionist

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Dear Editor,

The Nebraska Legislature is presently and has been for years faced with an "obstructionist," namely Sen. Ernie Chambers who has become more arrogant, impudent in his threats, and disrespectful to both the women and male senators and indecent in his choice of language as he attacks his "mortal enemy," the Catholic Conference, belittles the "Word of God" and the longstanding traditions of the Judeo-Christian Western Heritage of our Western World.

The man is as "phony" as a "three dollar bill. For example, he plays the sympathy card with, "Did you say time Mr. Speaker? Thank you, Mr. Speaker" or he asks whether someone will answer a question when he already knows the answer.

The man is a pseudo-intellectual those individuals who garner a lot of facts during their academic endeavors, but, who never are able to assimilate what they learn so that they come out of their educational environment as "refined gentlemen" and a "boon" to our civilized society.

As Blessed John Henry Newman pointed out in his book, "The Idea of a University," the purpose of a University education is to produce a gentleman or "gentlewoman.

Ernie Chambers would do well to heed the words of the neo-classical poet, Alexander Pope, who said, "A little education is a dangerous thing; Drink deeply of the empyrean spring." Of course, the empyrean spring is a reference to the wisdom of the highest heavens and the earthly pseudo-intellectualism of Ernie Chambers is so mired in the earthly things of this world, that, his "pithy

knowledge" of earthly things, would melt away should he attempt to soar with the wisdom that can be found only in the (wisdom of the "high heavens' - the empyrean spring).


J.G. McHale

McCook, Nebraska

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