Letter to the Editor

Short, sweet solution: no gifts

Friday, April 28, 2017

Dear Editor,

Our current government is being led by a president who seems to like plans and policies to be short and sweet. So, concerning the president, congress, and senate, how about this for a law: No gifts. Short, sweet, and to the point. No exceptions. No way for politicians to be bought and owned by huge donors with huge demands in the way of repayment. No way for the little guy to be left out by legislation that benefits the very rich on the backs of the working class and poor.

In a country as blessed as we are, that our governing representatives in no way represent people who work for minimum wage, a country where many people who work two jobs often still qualify for food stamps, is a reality that is just flat out sick and wrong. Instead of benefiting those who struggle for things like FOOD AND HOUSING, laws continue to be crafted to benefit the 1% who donít need more money and clearly suffer from the disease of greed, one of the symptoms being they never seem to have enough money, and they never will. That reality is crystal clear.

Itís time for our government to take care of people who donít have huge wealth, people who donít live in golden palaces with golden bathrooms, people who donít have pounds of diamonds. The only way to level the playing field is to legislate fairness, and that means, quite simply, NO GIFTS.


Pat Holder

Wauneta, Neb.

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