It's 'ears first' for most of us, but what about Peeps?

Friday, April 14, 2017

Most Nebraskans list “Going to church” as their favorite Easter tradition, although the crowd in Norris Park for the annual MNB Sparky’s Kids Club Easter Egg Hunt Thursday evening shows that activity is a close second in McCook.

Offers.com found that Easter Egg Hunt was the leading Easter tradition nationwide, 33.1 percent, followed by going to church, 32.7 percent, Easter baskets 29.9 percent, dying Easter eggs, 29.8 percent, confetti eggs, 6.0 percent, photos with the Easter Bunny, 5.7 percent, and “other,” 4.2 percent.

Of more than 1,000 people surveyed, spending of $53 per person was planned, on everything from food to clothing.

More than half of us plan to spend money for food for Easter, including restaurants and grocery stored, but just slightly less than half will buy candy.

Nebraskans’ favorite food is Reese’s Eggs, eat the ears first on their hollow chocolate Easter bunny, are evenly split on loving or hating Peeps, and prefer receiving money in their Easter baskets.

Nationally, people are split on Peeps and Cadbury eggs — we love them or hate them.

Overall, Reese’s Eggs were the favorite candy with 30.3 percent; Jelly Beans 19.6 percent; 18.2 percent Chocolate Bunny; Cadbury Eggs 16.7 percent; 10.1 percent Peeps and 5 percent other.

More than 39 percent of us prefer a solid chocolate bunny; 35.6 percent of us a bunny filled with peanut butter, caramel and cream, and 24.5 percent like hollow chocolate bunnies best.

Confetti eggs are apparently a thing, but nearly 30 percent of us say Easter baskets are our favorite tradition — and it’s likely to be filled with candy, activity items such as crayons, movie passes or a book; money, snacks, clothes, other and jewelry, in descending order.

Let’s hope we don’t let the candy and chocolate bunnies get in the way of our celebration of one of the landmark events of the Christian faith or of precious time spent with our loved ones.

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