New ticket to "the good life" available

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Dear Editor,

We Nebraskans aren't inclined to fussiness. We make money, pay taxes, enjoy family. We pray that there will be enough left over so our kids are a little better off.

Or so I thought.

From healthcare to the EPA, to education and more, the federal government is increasingly complicating my daily life. The only thing I can expect to leave my kids is a huge national debt. That's not the good life I was given.

With a federal government spiraling out of control, we break laws every day without even knowing it. Today we can voice our opinion in a dozen different ways but it does no good. We feel powerless and wonder how God will get us through.

We have heard this story before. The answer for our founders was the American Revolution. Fortunately for us, the authors of the Constitution created a mechanism called Article V to prevent another revolution.

Article V allows Congress to make amendments to the US Constitution. Too few people know that it also allows for states to propose amendments without involving congress by using what is called a Convention of States.

These proposals can be ratified by 38 states to become part of the constitution without help from congress. This is THE way to limit the power of the federal government, impose term limits, and require a balanced budget.

Nebraska began debating LR6 Monday. Nebraska’s call for a Convention of States.

I support LR6 for my kids and grandkids. Please urge our Senator Dan Hughes to do the same.

I've done my research and would not want to amend the constitution if I felt there were another way.

For those of us paying attention, it would seem the country is hell-bent on self-destruction. LR6 is Nebraska's first step to bringing the good life back to our country as a whole.

Tara Giger,

Elwood, Neb.

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