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Search for a solution to Barnett Park, fish problem

Monday, April 10, 2017

Dear Editor,

The following is an open letter to the McCook City Council regarding Barnett Park geese and fishing.

The Greatest Generation taught us, in pioneer days, there was an abundance of many different types of wildlife. Since that time, farming practices, weather, hunting, wind generators and changing airways have made it a difficult struggle for all wildlife to survive. Because of this, government and private landowners should be encouraged to assist in the survival of wildlife for people to enjoy.

Our community voted additional sales tax, some of which has been used on improving parks perhaps more could be used to solve the problems at Barnett Park.

Our community has a great park which many of us enjoy, feeding the geese and admiring the ducks and swans. Members of the community have volunteered many hours and city employees have worked to enrich our enjoyment of this park. The geese are a great calling card for visitors and are written about in tourism articles about McCook. Folks love to be close to the wildlife, feeding them and watching their habits and at Barnett Park are easily encountered. Fish (being out of sight) are not as easily encountered.

Is there a way to accommodate both in Barnett Park?

Or perhaps move fishing to another location. Could fish be put in the dam off West 3rd Street, or an area developed along the walking trail? If the swimming pool is relocated perhaps in this area a fishing pond saving the Historic WPA Bath House.

The City Manager Association has us ask is the Council reacting to the problem of getting rid of the geese and fish, or are they willing to lead to find a solution to keep all wildlife in the park? It would be enhancing the economy, create jobs and tourism.


Dale Cotton

McCook Group

McCook, Neb.

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