Achievement not limited to the young

Friday, March 17, 2017

“If not now, when?”

That was the philosophy of the late Michelle Walters, killed in a bicycle accident last August in Boulder, Colo., where she was participating in her first Ironman Triathlon.

Her life and philosophy will be celebrated June 24 with the first Michelle’s Tri Sprint Triathlon in McCook.

A 500-yard swim or water walk, 14-mile bike ride and 5K run will challenge beginners and veterans alike. It will include a relay triathlon for three-person teams, one swimmer, one biker and one runner.

The race is part of the Platte River Fitness Series as well as the Republican River Fitness Series. Check it out here or here.

Michelle’s philosophy has served as an inspiration for local athletes of all ages and abilities, and a recent story on businessinsider.com is encouraging as well.

The story cited a number of scientific studies indicating achievement doesn’t belong only to the young.

Teenagers, for example, may have more energy, but older people are more comfortable in their own skin.

Your ability to learn a new language peaks at age 7, brain processing power is best at 18, and female attractiveness to men and life satisfaction peak at 23 as well as 69.

Your muscles are strongest at 25, you’ll have your best marathon times at age 28, and your chess-playing skills are best at 31.

Your income will peak at 39 if you’re a woman and 48 if you’re a man, your vocabulary is broadest at 71, you’re happiest with your body at 74 and psychological well-being peaks at 82.

Check out the original story here.

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