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Families found by adoption

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Dear Editor,

In response to an open forum last week from Taylar Hegwood, I wish to first address the opening Facebook Quote from an angry protest against pro-life supporters. To begin with, one does not sign adoption papers inside an abortion facility. Those who choose life and favor adoption are not even allowed inside. Workers are trained to expedite getting the women in and out as quickly as possible, and not particularly caring for their welfare as that happens. Money is their first motivation. An already frightened, uninformed young woman is not likely to become open to an adoption in just a few minutes under those circumstances. So allowing for an adoption discussion or arrangement with one of the potential abortion clients within their walls, just isn't about to happen.

So what can one do to really help a pregnant woman who has seemingly run out of options and believes abortion to be her only way out? GET INFORMED, AND SHARE WITH OTHERS! There are pregnancy help and resource centers all across our country that do not refer for or promote abortions but offer help and alternatives. (The ABC Pregnancy Help Center in McCook is one such center. Give them a call.) They are staffed by trained, caring, non-judgmental volunteers who will help the client consider her individual needs and the options she might choose which will respect both her own life and the life within her.

If a woman chooses marriage or single parenting, information and programs are available to help her. If she considers adoption, she will find that adoption is no longer giving up her child but it is giving to her child the life that she truly wants for him or her. In choosing open adoption, a birth mother has almost limitless options, from choosing the birth parents to on-going face to face contact. Whether she decides on an open adoption, a semi-open adoption, or a confidential adoption, she will have made the most unselfish decision of her life. She has chosen a family with a mother and a father for her child. There are thousands of couples just waiting to lovingly welcome a child to their families.

Since Jan. 22, 1973, there have been over 60 million legal abortions in our country. That is like destroying the entire population of New York City, the largest city in our country, over seven times! That is a staggering fact! For every abortion, a baby dies. There has to be another choice to help the mother of an unexpected pregnancy.

I so totally agree with Ms. Hegwood when she referenced the current abortion rhetoric and offered, "Adoption is a big part of the answer." We definitely know there are no unwanted children and we definitely have the best answer to the unfound families. Adoption!

Very sincerely for Life,

Willetta Bieker,

McCook, Neb.

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