Trooper in a Truck may help save lives

Monday, February 27, 2017

Never mind the "bear in the air," watch out for the "seat cover" in that truck behind you.

In case you weren't around in the in days when CB radios were the fad, the first refers to state troopers catching speeders and the second to the person in the truck driver's passenger seat.

The Nebraska State Patrol and Nebraska Trucking Association are teaming up for "Trooper in a Truck" to identify and address unsafe driving in and around large commercial motor vehicles.

The trooper in the truck will have a good vantage point for spotting other drivers texting, following too closely, speeding and driving aggressively.

When something is observed, they will call a nearby trooper in a marked patrol unit to issue a citation or warning.

"Having eyes in commercial motor vehicles allows us to see things we wouldn't normally see from a market patrol unit," said Lt. Kurt Von Minden. "It's also an invaluable tool to work with truckers to help tackle the issue of public safety in our roadways. We're very grateful for the relationship we have with the trucking industry and value their help."

We're sure some drivers and civil liberty groups will object to the public-private partnership, especially the first ones issued tickets.

Anyone who has spent much time on Interstate 80, however, can tell stories of irresponsible driving, of both big rigs and four-wheelers.

The lives saved should more than compensate for any the fear the activity will threaten the privacy or freedom of drivers potentially engaging in dangerous behavior at high speeds.

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