Letter to the Editor

The necktie of the city

Monday, February 27, 2017

Dear Editor,

It has been said, "A well-groomed beautiful park is the 'Necktie" of a city."

We have several parks in McCook, mostly well groomed and beautiful. There is an opportunity to add Barnett Park to such a category. This park already ha a wonderful sodded playing field, modern clean toilet, two multi-use picnic shelters, four individual adjoined ponds equipped with wonderful fountains, large grassed and wooded areas and on the south border, the great

Republican River! We are aware these things are there by the action of our wonderful city officials and hard working staff.

If just a few things were done now it could be even better such as removing some dead and ugly snags and weed trees, improve and increase paved roadways and provide clean running water to the fishing ponds so that happy, healthy fish could be taken there by the many who enjoy fishing, then we could have a "Necktie" that reflects the pride and industry of the citizens of McCook.

Lyle Wilcox,

World War II veteran,

McCook, Neb.

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