Letter to the Editor

Careful for whom you vote!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Dear Editor,

Your guest columnist of Jan. 10, shows how different view we have. He's, from many thousand feet in the air, closer to God, and that of the infantry guy in the rice paddies who also knows God, never mind better pay for the airman.

I was raised country.

I believe God answers prayers with yes or no, and a new category, "You're kidding!"

I'm afraid the trinity is so busy now that the old Hebrew guys have to take messages and they didn't like women, poor, ethnics, LGBT (does God make mistakes?) and don't forget Muslim or 80 percent of the now population.

I don't like pink, noise3 or crowds, but believe that change takes place slowly, one vote/prayer at a time.

I'm a Christian, female, Republican and instead of "careful what you wish for" I prefer "careful for whom you vote!"

Karen Cummins,

McCook, Neb.

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