'Stay involved' good advice for Inauguration Day

Friday, January 20, 2017

You won't find many Red State voters agreeing with Madonna much, but we've found a point in common.

Dressed in black with a shirt reading "Feminist," the Material Girl told an anti-Trump audience they should read the Constitution and get more involved in the political process.

We wonder if the "not my president" protesters really know what they're proposing -- are they calling for the abandonment or short-circuiting of the political process that generations of patriots have worked, fought and died for?

By the time you read this, President and Mrs. Obama will have joined Donald and Melania Trump in the presidential limousine for the new chief executive's swearing in.

Then begins the long process of sorting out just what changes the new administration and Congress are willing and able to make.

As we wait, we hope many will follow at least part of Madonna's advice -- get to know the Constitution and get involved with the political process.

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