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-- Jennifer Morgan is the mother of three girls and lives in McCook.

Poor old girl

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sadly, I think her days might be coming to an end.

I'm not sure if we have weeks or months left, but I know her lifespan is questionable at this point and I'm having a hard time with it.

I had a tough time with the last girl, too, when she decided to take a turn for the worse and I still miss her.

It's just that we've had so many memories together over the years and she's been my trusty sidekick that I could always count on and always treated me good. I love her and have since the first day I got her. And it's hard watching her deteriorate and grow old. She's trying to keep up her old pace, but, darn it, with each month, another ailment pops up and it's tough seeing her push so hard when I know she's tired and is approaching her final days.

She's been a good 'ol truck but I have to face the fact that she's just getting old. That poor girl has put on a ton of miles over the years and now it's really starting to show. She's hanging in there but just seems to keep reminding me every month of her old age. Bad brake pads, transmission hiccups and cracked headlight or two. Things we keep repairing but just seems like it's more and more all the time and it makes me sad.

Her and I have been through a lot together and have had some pretty great memories! I'm most proud of how she's safely and comfortably transported my family from one state to another over and over again, through hail and ice and snowy roads, and sometimes in 110-degree heat. She's put up with all the tearing around town 50 times a day running kids from one thing to another, stopping and going like a race car although she's the size of a bus. She's had her back window broken out twice and her front window once, and that poor girl has had a ton of tire repairs, multiple sets of wipers and a few trips to the doctor for some more serious fixups. Every time she returns mighty and strong and ready for another one of our family excursions.

We've literally trashed her inside and out, sliced off one of her seatbelts, broken her seat pocket and stained her with tar and she still starts up every time I need her to and gets me where I wanna go. We take her for granted so often, but I'm so thankful for her and so proud of my big girl! She's put up with so much from all five of us and she has become part of our family. That's why it saddens me to watch her odometer keep rising and her aches and pains start to show. I talk to her a lot and tell her to hang in there, and I know she's trying, but also know her lifespan is shortening each and every day. And with every upcoming trip, I have that seed of doubt that this trip might be her last. I just don't trust her like I used to but it's hard to let her go. She's become my buddy and I'm gonna miss her when it's time to put her down.

Anyway, it's always hard to let something you love go so until that day comes, her and I will enjoy our last days or weeks or months together, however long it ends up being. And don't tell her because I don't want to hurt her feelings, but I will be praying a lot more when we're traveling these days, praying we make it okay and she stays healthy and strong for us.

Poor old girl!

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