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The times, they are a changin'

Monday, November 14, 2016

Dear Editor,

Last month, I wrote that it was time for a national mutiny ... And, by the late hours of November 8, 2016, it was obvious that the silent majority of "flyover country" had successfully knocked the political world off its arrogant axis. With a vigor not seen since the 1980 Reagan Revolution the American middle class, drawing its own deep red line in the sand, shouted to the condescending plutocracy a resounding "This far, no further!" We the "deplorable" bottom dwellers - whose livelihoods have gone long maligned by those who regard our proper place one of fruitless labor in the dark dreary bowels of this republic - finally snapped the chains of indentured servitude. In our righteous anger, we stormed the privileged decks of our oligarchic overlords, and mutinied against their progressive tyranny. The supposed omnipotent commanders of borderless globalism, confident in their smug subjugation of the American worker, looked on in a dumbfounded stupor, as free men reclaimed their rightful place within God's plan of subsidiarity. They, who have long enjoyed running their fleet of super frigates over the seemingly impotent domestic commerce of nation states, watched in stunned disbelief as their vaunted juggernaut began to list precariously to port, and then sank beneath the waves of nationalist populism. Congratulations, America - with "irredeemable" resolve we conspired to affect a mutiny of epic proportions.

Praise God! American greatness is on the march again! To the consternation of the haughty ruling class and elites of mainstream political punditry - we lofted a mighty middle finger! To the disingenuous sycophants of the corrupt press - we dropped our drawers, bared our political posteriors, and proudly presented the media misfits with a reflection of their slavish moronic mendacity. Oh, happy day! Revenge never tasted so sweet.

Now comes the difficult part - preventing the globalist conspirators from resurrecting their menacing monster. Now is the work of restoring our republic, pulling its people from the abysmal dregs of their "participation award" mediocrity. Now we labor in freeing ourselves from the grip of institutional progressivism, whose pugnacious pirates presently act to undermine the peaceful transition of power. Who, distraught with the national rejection of their perverted influence, now create chaos in our streets, and act to subvert the rightly discharged electoral will of the American people. They, who upon hearing that our chosen nominee would not surrender until all the votes were counted and validated by duly appointed state authorities - who filled the 24/7 news cycle with indignant rancor against his tenacity - now march in protest over their candidate's loss! Their mass tantrum is without equal in its breadth and depth of glaring hypocrisy. While we witness these reprobates riot within their various centers of leftist utopia, the new kid on the block works his task of transitioning our government ... from one "of, by, and for the elites" ... to one of, by, and for the people. To the paid disrupters of the Soros School of Globalist Subversion: enjoy your few moments in the spotlight -- because there's a new sheriff in town, whose first official act will be to pull the plug from your Soros-fed swamp of "social justice warriors." Your ship sank. You lost. Get over it.

There's also a new reality, one whose working paradigm is not the self-defeating idiocy of safe spaces, political correctness and free stuff; but rather the constitutionally emancipating ethos of free will, free speech and hard work. To quote the famous, Nobel Prize winning poet, Bob Dylan -- "The times, they are a changin'."

Bruce C. Desautels

Stratton, Nebraska

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