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That blasted water bottle game

Thursday, October 20, 2016

So this new water bottle game? Driving me nuts! People with kids probably know what I'm talking about. This stupid new game where kids flip a half empty water bottle out in front of them and try to make it land straight up on its bottom. They flip it and flip it and flip it, over and over and over on the pavement or kitchen floor or table. They yell "Ohhhhhh!" and fist bump when it finally lands standing up, after the 237th time of flipping it.

How exciting, right? Not! Well, for a mom like me who can't tune out extra noise, I despise annoying, useless sounds that keep repeating themselves. I don't like pen tapping or fingers tapping on tables noises, or feet tapping on bleachers or anything like it. Makes me batty! I could never work in a factory where there is the same noise happening second after second, all day long. I'd end up in a straitjacket!

Anyway, I'm not sure what bored dude came up with this highly complex game, but I would have liked to have had the chance to redirect him to something a little more intellectually challenging. Granted, it's not a video game and not frying his brain with radiation and killing his eyes with bright graphics, so I guess that's a plus. And it does require one to stand up to achieve the best results, so I guess you could say there's a hint of exercise involved rather than laying on a couch just using thumbs.

However, it's just so dumb! And then kids video it all! Just in case it works, after 300 tries, they'll have the video proof and can share it with the world how talented they are, flipping half empty water bottles. Just what I like watching when I have a few minutes to look online, hour after hour of kids spinning water bottles, yelling, "Ohhhhh, that was killer!!!!" And having to listen to that annoying "flop" sound as the bottle hits the ground, over ... and over ... and over ... Someone please strangle me.

When it's happening next to me, I've tried giving kids "the glare" with a few eye rolls when I'm forced to sit beside a group of them who are obviously challenged by this new and exciting game, but it never does any good. They just keep flipping that darn bottle, donk, flop, flop, donk, praying it'll finally land on its bottom and stands up, all the while yelling and high fiving. It's mind boggling to me. Seriously. And is as annoying as a fly that won't leave your face alone. After so many times, I wanna lose my ever-lovin' mind.

But ... at my age, I know these ridiculous games are just a fad so the maddening sounds will stop eventually. Then it'll be on to something else. Just hope it's not as annoying. Blasted water bottle game! Geesh!

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