Drivers have no control over some hazards

Monday, October 3, 2016

We've mentioned a greeting before that might be called the Nebraska "aloha."

"Watch out for deer!"

We've heard of many collisions and near-misses with deer and other animals recently, thanks to a combination of the time of year, human and animal travel habits and longer nights that come along with the fall and winter seasons.

But animals aren't the only hazard drivers have no control over, and some are even more dangerous: other drivers.

Sunday, Interstate 80 was shut down for several hours after a semitrailer truck went out of control, crashed into a ditch just east of the Waco exit and caught fire. The driver was killed.

Friday, a 90-year-old Lincoln man was killed when he attempted to make a U-turn in the crossover lane on the interstate between Lincoln and Omaha, his vehicle struck by a semi.

Saturday morning, a McCook couple were injured in a head-on collision on U.S. 6-34 near Holbrook, with a vehicle driven by an Illinois man who then reportedly began fighting with witnesses and law enforcement officers, allegedly stealing and wrecking another vehicle before being taken to the ER and jail.

The McCook couple were transferred to a Kearney hospital, and while the woman has been released, her husband remains hospitalized.

We've delivered many sermons in this space about the need to wear seatbelts, avoid driving while drinking or texting, and to heed weather travel warnings.

None of those steps, however, can prevent an accident caused by another driver.

That makes the precautions that are in our control all that more important.

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